Downhill all the way

It’s worse than waiting for Christmas

Tuesday day 24 - 8 days to go.

Slight change today in that I’m in stores all day. Never done the afternoon shift before so it was a bit of a surprise. Knowing I had all day at it I did plan the day but was caught out by the number of deliveries arriving late in the afternoon. Was just starting to unpack this lot when I was summoned upstairs to put away leaving a pile of boxes unpacked and unchecked. Upstairs is a mess again despite claims to the contrary. I’m slow getting away and miss the bus again.

Wednesday day 25 - 7 days to go.

Came in today to find most of what I’d left behind, there was so much moaning, apparently I’d filed something that I shouldn’t have, even though I was told to file everything except this one exception that somehow I should have been told about. This annoys me so much I ask if I should leave now and they can get on with it themselves. It took ten seconds to rectify the “error” but ten minutes to go on about it. They decline my offer to walk, they obviously don’t want to unpack that lot themselves.

Left in peace for a couple of hours I get the backlog shifted. Part of the job is checking the price charged for each and every item on the invoices. The system has the agreed price but often the suppliers change this, probably on the assumption that the NHS will pay whatever happens. If a price looks suspect I have to ring Mr.F at the Diana to get his verdict as to whether I accept the item or not. Most of the time he seems to just accept it, or if there is a shortage of a certain drug he tells me that we have to pay it or go without. This is quite a palava on top of the rest of the job, they seem hard-pressed at the Diana and can take ages to answer and once I’d had the phone put down on me a couple of times I soon gave up with it.

So there I am, boxes every where, phone ringing constantly, (usually calls from outside the hospital for Mrs G) and people in and out all the time I’m hardly surprised to find my chair been gently pushed about. In the general hubbub a cleaner from ISS has arrived to mop the floor, he mops around me, the boxes on the floor, mops around the bins, which he then empties (he does this once a week, I do it four times a day) he then leaves without a word, but he has ticked a box on his clipboard so everything is fine.

I’m better prepared for the afternoon arrivals and deal with most of it, getting medicine upstairs to the pharmacy where it should be. This saves the technicians a lot of valuable time chasing down to the stores and rooting through the boxes - obviously if they take stuff for patients it’s unlikely to be entered into the system - you can see where the problems start.

Following my conversation with Ms.J last week I try during my two days to ring HR whenever the opportunity presents, two days and no answer. I write out my notice and post it to them. Mrs G had also failed to get through to HR so actually went to visit them. They gave her a 17 page form to fill in so she could apply for flexible retirement - it went in the bin before she had completed the first page.

I felt I’d worked hard this week and got to grips with the stores, this was appreciated by the technicians as the medicines that where urgently needed could actually be found. Not that there was any sign of appreciation from elsewhere.


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